Forturo Design

To try to pigeon hole our services would be to try and impose boundaries and limit our creative talent - we have worked on everything from large multi million dollar schemes in New Zealand and overseas to the smallest of internal alterations to a residential home, from large commercial and housing projects to small garden decks - to us the size of the project is completely irrelevant, the challenge and the reward is the knowledge that we have created a better space and made a positive difference in our clients lives at what ever level they had commissioned us on.

Every client is different and will require a different set of tools and skills to achieve their projects - will have a tailor made service to meet their exact needs, a very basic list of services are listed below;

Architecture / design


Council drawings

Alterations / extensions

Interior design


Landscape design

Contract observation

Council queries

Free general advise on all aspects of the building industry

Design & Build packages

Build / contracting services

Training / apprenticeships

Access to our extensive network of local tradespersons

Access to building financial advise from qualified accountants and mortgage brokers

Note: At the most basic of levels, Architecture and design is the true expression of art and form expressed in the realisation of a building. But look further and deeper and it goes far beyond the physical boundaries of what we can visualize. Great architecture will have a direct relationship to how we live our lives, it will influence our moods, our behaviour, the way we think and the way we move. The physical fundamentals, the bedrock of architecture lays in the science of technology - but the freedom of expression and the power to create lies in the art, it is the art. Architecture is an experience and an evolution - to design is to have a passion, a freedom and a heavy responsibility at the same time.

We will teach you, educate you and show you how to approach design from the correct direction and we will be taught and we will learn from each and every project we work on. Forturo and you our client will work together to create positive and exciting interactions in our environment that will please and give pleasure to all and everyone for years to come.


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