Range of services

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We take the design you have and tweak it to suit the site. We then provide the working drawings and submit the application to council and obtain their approvals. A full set of approved drawings are laminated for use on site. All minor amendments that you may need during the build are free and we guarantee to submit the building consent within 10 days from commission of the project.




If you dont want to use a previous house design no problem, we can work with you to design a one off design that meets your specific requirements. So what ever your main priority is; budget, design, quality, siting of the house, reduction in earth works, building height, recession planes we will design you a fantastic house that fits the bill.



Resource consent

Resource consent, some are easy, some are complicated. Land use, earthworks, sub-divisions, neighbours approvals ..... the list goes on. Its always better to avoid the need for resource consent if you can but its not always possible. We provide the drawings, the reports, negotiate with the neighbours and work with the council to obtain all the relevant approvals needed.



Card model

Unique to Forturo, once the design is agreed we provide physical card models of the house. These can be given to your client as a little extra gift or you can keep them to show future potential clients. By far, these models have proved the biggest hit with the average client, its a fantastic public relation tool and helps put your company ahead of the competition.



3D still images

Another standard service for Forturo. Once the design has been agreed we will confirmed some very impressive artist impressions of the house to be. Give them to your clients and keep them excited, give them to your builders to aid in visualizing what it is that they are building, put them on your website, frame them and hang them in your office. These artist impressions are impressive and can be used in a number of ways.




At Forturo we work on alot of projects directly, or in directly for many building companies, but we also work on alot of individual clients houses that come to us direct. Every eight weeks we send out a list of Forturo projects that need a build price - If you are interested simply call us and we will give you the details. Some jobs are large, some small, but there is something that everyone is interested in. (not part of a package of services) There will be a small one off fee paid annually. We will also advertise your company on the client / builder section of the Forturo website.




If you fed up or just too busy to talk to the council, clients, engineers, surveyors etc... dont worry, we can do this for you. Let us deal with the stress of getting everyone organized and free up your time so you can actually do some productive work.



Design meeting

Ever had a demanding client that takes up alot of time in meetings? A client that can only meet at unsociable hours? or a client that you just dont want to have continuous meets with? dont worry you are not alone. During the design stage we can meet with and discuss every thing that relates to the design of their house. We then report back to you and repeat that process untill the design has been completed. Their house, your office, our office - early morings, late evenings we are available.




This option really puts you ahead of the competition. Once the final house design has been agreed we will produce a virtual movie of normally 1 to 1" minutes long. This movie can be uploaded to YouTube we can even create your own channel on YouTube for your company to be viewed. You can link the movie to your own website and give copies of it to your clients.



Virtual Modeling

Would you like to walk your clients through there house before its even built? now you can. Based at our office we can take your clients through each room of their house, they can see the window positions, door sizes, how to position furniture to get a real understanding of what you are going to build. Its very impressive, yes ( most clients are blown away by this service) but it also ensures that there is no nasty surprises later on with the clients saying that they didn't realize that the windows were that small or, this is not how I thought the kitchen was going to look. This is a full proof method to achieve 100% design satisfaction for your clients.



Council fees

Have you ever been stung with higher than expected council fees? has your architect / designer created more work with council that resulted in higher than expected uplift fees? Take the uncertainty out of the job, let us pay these fees for you - if its higher than expected then we get burnt not you.



Engineer fees

How much does your engineer charge for a beam, a small retaining wall, even a site visit? We can fix the enginering costs before the job so if it comes back higher we take the hit not you.




Our website generates large volumns of traffic this combined with our continued and varied advertising campaigns ensures alot of potental clients view our site, understand what we are about and then make contact with us. You can benefit from our hard work by having your own entire page located in the build section of our site. For smaller companies this may be your only web presence but for others it can be linked directly back to your existing site.



Green design

This is slowly but surely becoming more and more important to potential clients. You need to give clients proper and accurate information and be able to implement and allow for any new technology they may ask for. Being active members of the New Zealand Green Build Council and the Homestar Residential Rating System we are more than capable to give the appropriate advice.


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